Running a marketing department is challenging. Running a sales department is challenging. How can we get these two departments aligned and working towards the same goal?

Key challenges we keep hearing from leaders of B2B companies:

  • We have too many unqualified leads from our campaigns. Sales teams are frustrated spending too much time chasing low probability prospects.

  • We don’t have enough leads from our campaign and it seems like we are ineffective in reaching the right prospects.

  • We don’t rank very high in search engines, but we spend a lot of money on digital marketing — why is that?

  • We have no idea how much any campaign actually generates in orders and profits. Lots of great reports, but the bottom line is that we can’t seem to correlate effort to payback.

In this white paper, we discuss the six-stage process that will help you achieve your strategic objectives within your 2020 marketing and sales campaigns, and help you get these two departments running at full speed together. Yes, it's POSSIBLE!