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Bridging the Gap Between B2B Marketing & Sales is a 6-Step Process

Traditionally, marketing has been a process that’s largely creative and intuitive. There’s still plenty of room for compelling visual images and persuasive text, but the increased availability of software that quantifies market conditions and...

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Bridging the Gap Between B2B Marketing & Sales Requires New Ways of Thinking & Doing

To eliminate the disconnect between marketing (creating awareness) and sales (generating leads & turning prospects into customers), it’s necessary to make Marketing Automation (MA) the focus of your promotional strategies. Learn more by...

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Bridging the Gap Between B2B Marketing & Sales is Essential to Your Success

  • Frustrated by chasing too many unqualified prospects?
  • Campaigns not yielding enough leads? Spending a lot on digital marketing but don’t rank high on search engines?
  • Don’t know how much your campaigns are generating in orders and profits?


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Value of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Social Media Can Provide Value to Manufacturers

Among manufacturers these days, there’s debate about whether LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter add value to marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, there’s value in using all three platforms as complements...

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Why Manufacturers Need Social Media

Among manufacturers, especially closely-held companies in the $5 million-$50-million range, there’s a widespread belief among top and senior management that social media is irrelevant to them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Measuring Web Traffic 101

As a Manufacturer, Measuring Web Traffic Helps You Manage Website Development & Maintenance

Because it’s possible to measure just about everything related to traffic on your website, you, as a manufacturer, can use web analytics to collect and...

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